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Oct 17, 2013

Allen (Dulany), Jennifer
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Sep 03, 1999
Hi All, I never dreamed I would be coresponding with schoolmates on the computer 20 years ago. I'm married almost 18 years now to a great guy (Dennis), I also have two terrific kids (Jeff 13 and Beth 10). I work in Scotts Valley for a couple of Dentists (17 years oh my). We just bought a house in Prunedale we all love. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion>

Allen (Schwarz), Tari
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Sep 28, 2009

Alper, David
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Sep 02, 2009
Now at Nvidia managing WW Leadership and Development  
After spending the past 10 years consulting, I decided to find a nice "home".  
Anyone seen Mari Argao or Leaynne Bantilan?  
If yes, email me david.alper.95119@gmail.com

Amoroso, Kimberly
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Aug 21, 1999
John an "A" person is here! I can't believe I'm attending my 20 year class reunion. I just don't feel that old. I live and work in San Mateo. I teach Kindergarten which I love. I enjoy traveling during my summers off.

Arzaga, Trish
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Apr 19, 2009
See you at the reunion :-)

Ayers, Gary
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Aug 08, 2008
As with many of you much has go on in my life. Married twice now have 2 wonderful girls from the first and no children from the second. I spend much of my time in the outdoors and am a pilot.  
Hope to see all soon.

Bantilan, Leayne
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Aug 28, 2009

Barraclough, Alan
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Apr 06, 2006
Hello Everyone, Well I would have graduated in 1979. I ended up dropping out of school the 1st month of my junior year (1978) and enlisted in the Navy (Seabee's) Oct. 1978 where I got my GED. I then got an honorable discharge in 1984. In 1980 I married Sue Kazezski we had 2 beautiful children. We got divorced in 1989. Went to work for the US Postal Service in 1985 and I am currently still there. I also have beautiful 5 y.o. granddaughter and another grandchild on the way. I have now live in Lodi, California, since 1985. Some of the things that I enjoy to do are riding my motorcycle, hunting, being with my family, 4 wheeling, drawing and doing tattoos,and alot more to much to write. Anyway I do remember a lot of names like Dean Scott, Ray & Carrie Bascom, David & Bobby Rose, Pearl Semeria, Debie and Barbra Long, Dawn Davis, Don Bocci, Chuck Borges, Lissa Perry, Stacy Pizzo, Lori Brooks, Kyle Giambalvo, Diana Moore, Bill Silva, Chris Jarvis, Terry Rozyk, Ned Beck, Dusty LaRue, Kelly Terry and so many more and if anyone remembers me or might remember, drop me an e-mail sometime. I'd really like to hear from you Later Alan

Beck, Steve
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Mar 19, 2002
I hate this E-mail but if you remember me? I'm Steve Beck the Actor in theatre not Stan Beck (my twin brother), the one in F.B.L.A.. E-mail me and I'll return the favor.

Bermudez, John
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Jan 26, 2002
Thank you, Kim. Lots of "A" people now.

Bessler (Harmer), Kathy
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Jul 29, 2000
Sorry I missed the reunion. I'm living in Montana now with my husband, Jim, of 16 years, my three boys, Mark (soon to be 15), Brian (12), and Eric (9). After graduation, I attended and graduated from San Jose State with a BS in nursing. Met Jim at SJSU. I worked for a while at Santa Clara Valley Med Center, moved to Nevada in 1988, and to Montana in 1994. I am currently working 0-20 hours a week at a home health agency. I have very flexible hours, allowing me to be at home with the kids and be involved with their school, soccer and Scout activities.

Bingham (Montes), Terry
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Dec 04, 2002
i am the mother of 4, a grandmother of 1 and i live in Galt ca up by sacramento my oldest daughter still lives in morgan hill and my other 2 are with me, one is going into the army in january and my youngest daughter is graduating from high school and has been accepted at sac state, my son is in 2nd grade, i cant believe i made through the 70's 2 more years and i will have my 25th wedding aniversary, i also cannot believe god has blessed me with children that are nothing like me, they are great kids and the oldest 2 graduated from live oak, my baby girl was a cheerleader and that just blows me away, my daughter a cheer leader, i have been reading some of the message boards and it looks like "the class of 79 did just fine" i am glad, cause you all know that was the class everyone should have worried about more

Bond, Ken
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Feb 24, 2008
Hi all -  
Live Oak was a blast - maybe too good ;-) but I survived and went on to college where I continued to have a good time for a couple of years before I finally woke up.  
After college I went on to grad school at UT Austin before becoming a worker bee in the corporate world here in Silicon Valley.  
After doing long stints at HP and Cisco, I'm now at VeriSign where I run the Investor Relations group.  
I have two sons from a first marriage and a step daughter from my current marriage.  
I attended the 10 year reunion back in 1989 and have lost touch with most everyone since then - though I catch Jeff West every few years or so.  
I hope you're all well and would love to hear from anyone who might remember me from when I had hair ;-)  
Be well!

Borges, Chuck
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Oct 08, 2009
living well below my means , kidding. all is well and I'm still at the same place i've lived at for 40 yrs and still love and play music .  
Go figure.

Boring, Anthony
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May 10, 2010
Hello fellow citizens. I graduated from High School in 1979. Since then I have been trying to service my God (Jehovah) as best I can at church and with my family. I am a proud father of two and love my wife very much. Recently I have become very concerned over the anti - American actions of this school and need to voice that the American citizens will not stand by and watch those that no longer care attempt to destroy our country. The Flag stands for America and our freedome. If you don't stand by it then you need to leave this country. If you are giving equal value to other country's then you are a traitor. If you ask students to go home because they wear the flag on their shirt then you should resign from this school and country. Thank you for your time.  
Anthony Blake Boring  
13th Generation American Citizen

Bouslog, Mike
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Mar 29, 2010

Bridwell (Johnson), Dawn
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Aug 11, 2000
Howdy folks! Sorry I missed last years reunion. Well after leaving L.O. in 78' with a GED..Fumbled around for a while, became a D.J. in Oregon at a couple different radio Stations. Been married for 14 yrs. to Thom from Santa Cruz. traveled through Northwest playing in a band. He plays lead guitar and sings..me bass guitar and vocals. 3 kids, Neil 12, Reilly ( a girl) 10 and Joel ( a surprise) 1 yr. We live and play music in Nevada now. Moving from Tonopah to Kingston next mo. to start an Organic Vegetable Farm on our new 2.5 acre property. Looking forward to hearing from former classmates and friends. God Bless!

Britton (Silva), Julie
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Sep 14, 2008

Clampett, Bob
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Sep 19, 2008
Hi, I live in San Martin. I've been married for 19 years and have two daughters who are students at Sobrato.

Cummings (Gordon), Bill
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May 25, 2001
See Kathy Waller (Gordon) High School Sweet Hearts Married "21 Years"

DeCicco, Stephanie
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Jun 11, 2002
Hi, everyone! I just discovered this site and it is great that I have already found a few acquaintances from long ago! To give you an update, I was in the Kleine Schule program (between 1975-1978). As life was back then, I dropped out of school the actual year I was to have graduated, 1979 (long story), got a GED. I moved to and have been living in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas. I went to college here, and earned an Associates degree in Liberal Arts and two Bachelors degrees - one in French, one in Spanish. I became a certified teacher, both in elementary and secondary education (French, Spanish and Bilingual/ESL). I have taught literally every age group through the educational system and I teach adults at the Community College, as well as summer and after-school programs. And I am back in school in the evenings learning Sign Language. I want to work with kids and help their education in ways where mine own faltered. I am also interested in getting back in touch with anyone I knew in Morgan Hill back in the 1970's. Please write to me if you think you remember me, as I would really like to know what the kids (now adults) are doing in their lives. Thanks to all for making this kind of re-contact possible. I wish the very best to everyone! By the by, I am trying to locate the following friends/classmates: Lizann Bayford, Cynthia Parrish, Lena Barlett, Lori Nissen, Susie Heckhaus. Does anyone know where these gals are?

Deffebach (Jameson), Lynn
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Apr 30, 2004
Well, wasn't going to chime until I saw Mary Hetherington's (Riley) name! Wow. What a name from the past. And Mary, not an easy name to say quickly! LOL  
I agree with whoever thought it would be nice to post pics. I really have a hard time remembering the names here - and I don't expect anyone to remember mine. I only lived in Morgan Hill for about a yr, attended LO just my senior yr in '79, and only 2 classes second semester, so that's part of the problem. Well, that. And I didn't get out much. LOL  
Any-who, since it's been a quarter-of-a-century *GASP*!, thought I'd do a search, and found this site.  
Me? Married going on 18 yrs, raised two stepdaughters, and have one grandson. Left the Bay Area to live in the middle of absolute nowhere on the other end of the country, at the base of a ski resort, in a log cabin with green tin roof. Seriously. LOL  
Husband is a Building Contractor, I have a government job shuffling papers. We also own a small Fishing & Lodging company - renting small cabins on a river. Hubby is a Hunting and Fishing guide for fun.  
That's about it. Great to read all the "life" stories! Here's to many more everyone!

Farrell (Gaul), Theresa
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Feb 23, 2010

Faulkner, Robyn
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Jun 25, 2001
Sorry I missed everyone at the reunion. I was in California just a couple of weeks before hand when I heard about it. Bad timing I suppose. I'm living in Colorado, working in high-tech, and raising two vivacious twin boys. We visit friends and family in California about once a year and I often go to San Jose on business. Maybe I could meet up with some of you old folks (how did forty happen anyway???) when we're out there. If your interested, next visit is July 2001. Take care and see ya'll for the 25th! Robyn

Garcia, Grace
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Jan 23, 2001
Hey everyone long time no see, I still live here in San Martin, I am divorced and have three blessings. I got a little crazy in my later years,I even went out and bought a Harley Davidson:). I work at Space Systems Loral in Palo Alto. It's been such a long time since I have seen or heard from anyone. I would love to hear from any of you... Grace

Glass (Bianchin), Rosemary
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Apr 30, 2001
Boy high school seems like a life time ago. I recently moved with my husband, Jim and 2 boys Adam-10 and Jack-8 to Redding, Ca. Before that I lived in Santa Barbara for the past 16 years. I am a graphic designer and own my own business. I would love to hear from or about some of my friends from years gone by. Does anyone have any information about Deanna Cooper? Or how about Maureen Belson? Hope all is well with everyone.

Glowacki, Heather
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Sep 12, 2002
Hell all I haven't talked to many in a long time. I have been getting shit together and getting ready to get a house in houston and live there for awhile. Should be fun! Other than that just being me and having a blast. Take care of yourselfs and live life to the fullest.

Haines (Oldfield), Alice
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May 01, 2002
Last time I wrote on this page it was 1999. Now it's 2002. Oh my...time flies. I've finally gotten used to being 40 years old, and it's about time to turn 41. What's up with that? I still live in Sacramento (Carmichael) with my husband and three children. My oldest is starting high school this fall, which should be totally weird. Wasn't I just there? I've given up my nurse practitioner career to start my own business. So far it's been the best thing I ever did. Being my own boss is great. See you all at the 25 year reunion...only 2 years away!

Hancock (Whalen), Lynn
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Aug 29, 2013

Harmon, Sharon
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Jul 26, 2004
Well, my kids finally convinced me to leave the mountains of N. Cal and move back to Morgan Hill in 2002. My son managed that one by making me a grandmother so I HAD to move back! My kids are Rhiannon...LO class of '96...who just turned 26 and is now older than me, Brandon who is 23...it won't be long before he is older than me too. My Shanna is 22 and studying to be a teacher, Brittany who is 19 is about to become a CMT. MY absolute pride and joy...Miss Kaia Marie Brundage who just turned a year old two days after my oldest ones birthday which means it was 25 years and two days from the time I became a mother till the time I became a "Grammy". The Lord has blessed me greatly the past few years and most recently I have found someone to share my life with, who loves the Lord as much as I do and we share our obsession of Harley-Davidson motorcycles! Most weekends you can see Luis and I putting around the foothills or along the coast...you can't miss me, I'm the one with the HUGE grin on my face...and Luis wears the crazy "flame boots"...those you REALLY can't miss!! Lets see...what else?? I graduated from Shasta College in 2002 with my AA in Culinary Arts so since I love cooking I started my own Traveling Chef service. It's loads of fun and I get to spend my days goofing off and creating new dishes! How fun is that???? If anyone out there is a website designer and you can help me...give me a call...I'll feed you in exchange for services...LOLOLOL!!

Hawkins, Gary
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Dec 14, 2004
Hey Class of '79. Since HS I've been married for 14 years, had a daughter, got divorced. I now live in Brentwood with my girlfriend, another LO graduate (Class of '85). I work in Dublin for Toll Bros. and I'm also a Karate instructor in San Ramon.

Hawks (Akers), Debbie
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Jun 06, 2007
I was a Kleine Schule student and most active in high school as an Oak Leaf staff journalist and choir member. I got married in November 1979 to Nathan Akers and we will be celebrating our 28th anniversary this year. We have one daughter (Patricia) who is twenty-six years old, married, and lives with her husband in Colorado Springs. Over the past twenty-eight years I have worked as a QC inspector, church secretary, bank teller, tax preparer, radiology clerk, hospital unit secretary (ward clerk), and owned my own daycare business. I have been a 9-1-1 dispatcher for almost fifteen years now and thoroughly enjoy it.  
I finally went back to college and graduated with my two-year associate’s degree TWENTY-FIVE YEARS after graduating from Live Oak High School (I do not recommend this!). I continued on and just graduated with my bachelor’s degree in counseling and psychology from William Jessup University. One of my fellow graduates was Jason McJunkin, son of Sunrise Valley Baptist Church high school youth group friends: Paul McJunkin & Cindy Groff – yes, I feel really old! I plan to start a master’s program this fall and eventually relocate to Colorado Springs where I will begin a new career as a marriage/family therapist specializing in counseling emergency services first responders (firefighters, police officers, dispatchers, and paramedics) and their family members.  
Kleine Schule was a fantastic experience for me and I will always be grateful that I was able to go through high school as a K.S. student. Favorite Live Oak teachers include: Scott Grunsted (choir – and played “Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring” at my wedding!), Harvey Wehner (who I will always remember as “Mr. Mom” - Journalism/Oak Leaf advisor), Marlene Turnwall (Business & English), John Huning (History & Psychology), Gerald Logan (Math, German, Science), Robert Hand (electronics), and Herr Poth (German).  
People I remember from LOHS include: Corrine Lutz (maid of honor), Allen Wheeler, Bill Hardy (groomsmen), Jayne Danielson & Susie Heckhaus (bridesmaids), Colin Berry, Marv Fruge, Katrina Diggs, Karen Brodecki, Glenn & Stephanie DeCicco, Peanut (Leslie) Keig, Carole Keig, Marty (and his sister!) Cummings, Chuck Abernathy, Steve & Stan Beck, Kelly Sweeney, Carrie Stanford, Shellie Rouse, Tracy Lopez, Alan Pennington, Tom Cutler. David Leon....  
I’m still singing - I was in Sweet Adelines for awhile and now sing in my church choir. I plan to brush up on my German this summer and catch up on the stack of books that have been piling up that the last few years!  
If you remember me, I’d love to hear from you! debbieakers@hotmail.com

Hecht II, William
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Jul 20, 2003
Well, I'm still teaching for San Joaquin Delta College, but have found a wonderful experience with teaching children. Thanks to the budget cutbacks, I am also substituting for Escalon Unified School District and running Fun With Science camps for 5, 6, and 7 yr olds.

Hobbs, Duane
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Oct 08, 2007
I teach Tennis and Golf and spend time with my son.

Huckabee, Timothy
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Jul 05, 1998
I am currently working as a Design Engineer for US West phone company in Washington state.

Hult (Davison), Debra
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Feb 08, 2004

James, Jacque (Jackie)
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Oct 22, 2003
Wow, neat site. Well, since graduation, I spent 10 years working in Construction, 10 years at the Santa Cruz Police Department as a Reserve Officer and Community Service Officer and now I've got five years as an Office Manger with a Telephone Directory in Monterey. In the middle of a divorce, but have two bright and beautiful girls, Hannah 8; and Abigial 7.  
I would love to hear from anybody and everybody.  
Hope everyone is having as wonderful a life as I am.

Jameson (Wallway), Sandy
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Jul 26, 1999
I'm in Oregon and have been for the last 19 years. I've been married for 18 years to my wonderful husband. I have 4 kids ages 16,13,8, and 6. (2 boys and 2 girls)

Jarvis (Freiberg), Chris
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Dec 04, 2002
Hi Everyone, Thanks to Debie Long I found this site. It sure is nice to see friends on here I hadn't thought of in years. God Bless & Happy Holidays to All!

Jones (Patterson), Michele
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Jul 11, 2007
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